The Angel Project is a campaign to seek justice for the Palestinians through the US Supreme Court. It is supported by a novel The Angel of Har Megiddo, which dramatizes a possible Supreme Court case and also the history of Israel-Palestine since the Nakba. This unique campaign has four premises:



Justice for the Palestinians cannot come at the price of injustice for the Israelis. The image of justice is of an impartial arbitrator with scales tipped into balance, but the balance is missing in this conflict because US foreign policy has an unconscious Zionist bias. Justice for the Palestinians begins with the ending of settlement building on the West Bank, an activity forbidden in international law, but undertaken with covert support from Christian Zionism.

Where justice for the Palestinians ends cannot easily be predicted. A just peace in the region has to accommodate the needs of both parties, and will involve painful compromises on both sides. At present only the needs of the Israelis are accommodated. A Supreme Court case could change that and bring about a fair peace.


The project started as a novel, The Angel of Har Megiddo, written out of a conviction that US support for Israel harms Palestinians by supplying arms, financial backing and political backing in such a way as to prevent meaningful negotiations, particularly over the Occupied Territories. I bring a unique perspective to the problem: a religious one. It is clear to me that Christian Zionism in America is a powerful political force which operates in a way that is mostly opaque to the secular mainstream, and which violates the constitutional separation of church and state. It is the powerful "Israel lobbies" that force Congress to vote for unconditional support for Israel, and which renders successive US presidents powerless to dictate any terms at all to the Israeli government in return for the lavish support provided by America. Without Christian Zionism the "Israel lobbies" would have little influence on Congress.


My name is Mike King. I am a retired university academic, full-time independent researcher and writer, one-quarter Jewish, and a Quaker. I was brought up to admire Jews and Israel, and to mourn for many relatives on the side of my Hungarian grandfather who perished in the Holocaust. I honor their memory, and admire the achievements of the Jewish people. I hope that this project can be a contribution to peace in Israel-Palestine.

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Shuhada St

This and other photos taken in Israel/Palestine like the banner at the top of the page are courtesy of Youth Against Settlements. This photo shows a protest about the closure of a street to Arabs in Hebron. The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered it open, but, unlike the US Supreme Court, it is powerless to affect realities on the ground.

"...foreign support is the decisive factor"

"...there is a huge gap between the self-image of Israelis and reality. You think you are omnipotent, because of your success in controlling such a large Arab population. But the truth is that foreign support is the decisive factor. You remind me of the spoiled son of a rich man, who thinks he can do anything, until he has to face life on his own and discovers a few hard truths."

(Raja Shehadeh, quoted in David Grossman's Yellow Wind, p.155-6.)


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